Pirates GM Huntington Joins the @RumbunterPodcst (S6 Ep1)

Holy crap – we’re BACK! We know, we know… just when you’ve been asking yourselves, “When is the excellent — if scarce and somewhat amateurish — RumBunter Podcast coming back… is it even coming back at all?” You needn’t ask yourself that question (you were asking yourself that question, weren’t you?) any longer. We are back, […]

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Pirates Jordy Mercer Joins @RumbunterPodcst (S5 Ep4)

Pittsburgh Pirates Jordy Mercer joined the RumBunter podcast recently to discuss the 17-18 Pirates. We have always tried to provide new information about Jordy Mercer rather than the normal interview with the Pirates shortstop. The 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates are not playing like the team that ended the 2014 season and Mercer discusses some of those […]

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Pirates Neil Walker Joins The @RumbunterPodcst S5 Ep3

Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker has joined the RumBunter podcast several times.  We have always tried to provide a different angle.  You know, some-not-so focused on just the Neil Walker that everyone knows. We like to call it Neil Walker Insight™.  However, despite the best of intentions, it’s just too hard to escape discussing the 2015 Pittsburgh […]

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Dan Szymborski Pittsburgh Pirates Projections Podcast S5 Ep2

Dan Szymborski gets paid to do cool baseball stuff, but didn’t get paid when he joined the RumBunter podcast.  Despite not making a nickel, Syzmborski absolutely crushes it.  Szymborski talks baseball in a unique and hilarious manner as he talks about creating ZiPS, the most reliable projection system in baseball.  The Baltimore native has worked […]

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Series 5 Episode 1: The General Manager – Neal Huntington: Off-Season Moves, Things to Come

Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington joined the RumBunter podcast to discuss the 2015 Pirates season. The Pirates podcast is over thirty minutes in length and covers a variety of topics surrounding the 2015 Pirates including how the team was able to sign Francisco Liriano and A.J. Burnett to deals that “left cash on the table” […]

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Podcast Episode 4.2 – @Tony26Montana – FOTP, Media Star, Baseball Player

  Friend Of The Program Tony Sanchez joined the RumBunter Podcast to talk Pirates baseball. Tony Sanchez – the Pittsburgh Pirates catcher, social media mega star, crusher of scoreboards and Winter workout partner of Miguel Cabrera was a special guest on the RumBunter Podcast. Around talking to his roommate (his Mom), Sanchez looked ahead to […]

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Podcast Episode 4.1- The Pittsburgh Kid: NFW

Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Neil Walker joined the RumBunter podcast to discuss all things 2014.  Walker is already at Bradenton, doing some early preparing for the season.  The Pittsburgh Kid talks about his improving glove work, all those defensive shifts the Bucs used in 2013,  hitting gap-to-gap, and he also drops an A.J. Burnett bombshell! The podcast is a […]

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Winner, Winner, Crimmus Dinner!

Hey, all! Sorry to have taken so long to post this, but between computer issues, personal issues, the upcoming and recent holidays, and then the excitement of the Pirates re-signing Friend of The Podcast™ Kyle McPherson , well… we hope you will understand and forgive us. [Note: ALL links in RumbunterPlus posts open in a […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, all! Cocktailsfor2 here – I just wanted to take a moment here to bang out a note about some of the Rumbunter-related things I’m thankful for, before I fall into a booze- and tryptophan-induced coma… I’m thankful for YOU all for helping make the Rumbunter Podcast as popular as it is – if you […]

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Podcast Episode 8: The Manager – Clint Hurdle

The RumBunter Podcast had the pleasure of speaking with the National League Manager of the Year, Clint Hurdle.  The Bucs skipper answers the question on the minds of most Pirates fans–has he talked to A.J. Burnett ? The interview also spends some time on how Gregory Polanco is doing in the Dominican Winter League.  But more importantly, Hurdle […]

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