Winner, Winner, Crimmus Dinner!

Hey, all!

Sorry to have taken so long to post this, but between computer issues, personal issues, the upcoming and recent holidays, and then the excitement of the Pirates re-signing Friend of The Podcast™ Kyle McPherson , well… we hope you will understand and forgive us.

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First off we want to thank you for the support you’ve given the Podcast, this here new RumbunterPlus site, our sponsor, Dirty Gerty, and the well-wishes you’ve sent to us personally. As I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post, YOU are why we’re doing this.

Enough bullshitting around, you say? Get to the point, you say? Oh, all right. Fine. Simmer down. Mighty impatient, aren’t you?

In the last Podcast, we asked “Who was the very first guest on the very first Rumbunter Podcast, way back when?” The answer, of course, was Charlie Wilmoth (@WilmothC on twitter), founder of Bucs Dugout, and an all-around swell egg.

[Note to self – next time, pick a question with an answer that’s not so easily looked up on google/iTunes/edwordtoyourmother/rumbunter, and screen the replies. Derp.]

Okay – the winner of the Podcast Contest’s First Prize – the autographed baseball pictured in THIS post is… DAVID KALEIDA, known on twitter as @RDavidK (you should be following him), and the man behind the very fine 6-4-3 PUTOUT (bookmark it and visit it often!)

THIS Official MLB baseball, signed by SEVEN Pirates!

THIS Official MLB baseball, signed by SEVEN Pirates!

Congratulations, David!

Second Prize goes to Podcast listener DQ (unfortunately, we have no further info on him or her to pimp, so…)


This Pirates Rally Towel, handed out to fans at the October 1 game against the Reds! This 18 x 15″ towel, this piece of Pittsburgh Pirates history (currently selling on eBay starting from $20!!), from the infamous “Cueeeeeeeeeeee-to” game, will look great framed or unframed, or being twirled around your head, whether you’re at a Pirates’ game or just sitting around the house in your skivvies!

Congratulations, DQ!

So, David and DQ, we need you to give us your mailing addresses (your replies will be screened; David, I may… or may not… have your address around here, but give it to me again – just in case, willya?) so we can get your prizes out to you, tout suite! (I will try my best to mail ’em on Monday, but it’s more likely that I’ll send ’em out after returning from visiting the in-laws between Christmas and New Year.)

Keep visiting here for our next Podcast, and who knows – maybe even a Christmas/New Year contest – we’ve got some great autographed Bucco swag just layin’ around here, waitin’ to make its way into your hot little hands!

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One Comment

  1. DQ
    Posted December 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Cocktails & Smitty,
    It is DQ. Thanks for the contest. This was one of the most exciting games/moments in my sports life (as someone who was in grade school the last time the Buccos were in the offseason). I am thinking about hanging it on the wall in my classroom, so the legacy off CUUUUUEEEETO lives on… then again I might make my wife replace our wedding picture above of the mantle.

    What is the best way to get you my info?

    Merry Christmas