Podcast Episode 5: The Rookie – Tony Sanchez

We’re Back!

Jeez, we’re sorry we’ve been away for so long, but what with The Gathering IV, the Pirates maintaining FIRST PLACE, and alla the other supersecret stuff we’ve been doing, the podcast kinda slipped by the wayside for a coupla weeks.

Well, we promise it won’t be so long between episodes from here on out, okay? Take our word for it – we missed you even more than you missed us!

Anyways, guess who we’re talking to this episode? Here’s a hint:

Tony Montana, baby!


That’s right – everyone’s favorite, Tony Sanchez , takes time to check in with Cocktails and Smitty from the road in St. Louis to give us the low-down on his callup – the callup to STAY IN PITTSBURGH FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON.

TSanch tells us about the day-to-day routine, and what is his main focus with the Big Club. You’re not gonna wanna miss this one!


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