Another Side of Pittsburgh Pirate CF Andrew McCutchen… the Dark Side?

Yesterday, Andrew McCutchen was featured as the guest interview on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk.”

Speaking via Ballpark Cam at PNC Park, Cutch showed off his shiny new light saber — but since it was daytime, we weren’t able to discern the color of the beam (and Cutch doesn’t say), leaving it up in the air as to whether he’s gone over to the Dark Side or not. We will leave it up to you to decide for yourself – leave a comment below.

@TheCUTCH22 chatted with hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar about his interview with Anthony Bourdain for “Inside Pirates Baseball,” other potential hairstyles for him and impersonating Tom Cruise for an MLB Fan Cave video.

Andrew McCutchen is a delight on and off the field – enjoy a few minutes with the Pirates star center fielder.

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